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¥399 ¥350 (With Tax)

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  • Also known as Okazi Leaf 
  • Net weight- 30GM
  • Ingredient- Eru leaves
  • 100% natural and fresh
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  • Widely consumed in Africa nations 
  • The leaf is an excellent source of aspartic acid, fiber, cysteine, proline, vitamins, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, copper and so many more.
  • Used to make soup, stews etc 
  • The green leafy vegetable is used in cooking across Africa and South America, in particular Nigerian afang soups.
  • The leaves are tough(hard) and glossy and looks more like the leaves of an orange tree. It doesn’t really have a distinctive smell , but it has a slightly bitter taste

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Weight 0.04 kg


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