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Wifi Rental & Hikari/Home Internet

With Wifi rental service you can get access to the Internet all over Japan.

Stay internet-connected easily with the best wifi rental in Japan. Our wifi rental service includes day to monthly packages at a cheaper rate. We provide Wimax and 4G LTE wifi plans with portable, easy-to-use devices for convenient use. Get our Home Internet/Hikari service for fast, unlimited home internet usage. We offer instant delivery and store pickup to get online anywhere in Japan with your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more

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Why use Wifi Rentals

Wifi rental service has a lot of advantages

100% Organic Ingredients

Fast Internet

All of our models adapt High performance 4G LTE signal. Fast reliable internet is always available

All-natural Fragrances

Always Online

With the Wi-Fi router, you can access the Internet almost all over Japan. You don’t have to look for Wifi spots anymore.

100% Organic Ingredients

Ease of Use

Connecting and using the service is as easy as it gets.
Just turn on the router -> Select network -> Connect with password -> Enjoy Surfing the Internet


We have more than 3000 active users

5 years+

We have been in this business for more than 5 years

Our Packages

Wifi Rental 100 GB

Package: Wifi Rental 100 GB

Monthly Bill: ¥4,500

Deposit: ¥2,000 (Returnable)

Initial Fee: ¥5,000

Long term Contract (Up to 6 months)

Wi-Fi Mobile Router: JT101 4G LTE SIM Free

Sim Included

Cash Back: ¥2,000 (Like Our Page to get ¥2,000 Cashback)

Wimax 3days 10GB

Package: Wimax 3 days 10GB

Monthly Bill: ¥4,500

Deposit: ¥2,000 (Returnable)

Initial Fee: ¥5,000

Long term Contract (Up to 6 months)

Wi-Fi Mobile Router: Speed Wi-Fi NEXT W05

Sim Included

Cash Back: ¥2,000 (Like Our Page to get ¥2,000 Cashback)

Monthly 60GB Data Sim Plan

Package: Monthly 60GB Data Sim Plan

Monthly Bill: ¥2,980

Deposit: No Deposit

Initial Fee: No Initial Fee

Short term Contract (3 Months Plan)

Wi-Fi Mobile Router: Not Included

Only Sim Card

No Deposit required

Home Internet/ NTT Hikari

Package: Wimax 3 days 10GB

Monthly Bill:
Mansion type: ¥4,250
Family type: ¥5,150

First Month Free

No Deposit required

Get ¥10,000 Gift


Can I know more about your Business/Company?

Shinjuku Halal Food is a sister concern of Gold Lavender Ltd. We have multiple business lines including Wifi rental service, Online E-commerce for grocery, electronics items, etc.

Where do you provide service?

We provide service all over Japan. You can use these devices, sims all over Japan without any problems.

How can I order?

You can order all wifi-related services by submitting the required form above or come to our physical store. We will check the submitted information and get back to you. You will have to provide us a valid ID for confirming the information provided by you. You can always call us at 0368696171 for any inquiry.

How do i receive the product?

We will deliver the product to you after confirming all information and documents. Or you can come at our store to collect yourself.

Is the deposit returnable?

Yes absolutely. Your deposit will be returned to you after you return the devices and all accessories undamaged after canceling the service.

What are the damage fees?

If you damage the device, sim card, accessories you will have to give a damage fine.
Sim card damage fee: ¥10,000
Device damage fee:


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