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Shipping Details

We are delivering all over Japan. We have associated with JP Post and Sagawa as our shipping partners. Please go through our delivery schedule and choose your preferred time slot for delivery. Also, our detailed shipping charges are given below according to Zones.

Mobile Phone Delivery:

Mobile phone shipping at all Prefectures only at ¥1000 per 5 pieces.
(Only for mobile phones)

Halal Food Delivery Pricing Table

Fukuoka, Hokkaido (Zone-M)¥2000Per 25 Kg
Okinawa (Zone-F)¥2500Per 25 Kg
All other prefectures (Zone-N)¥1500Per 25 Kg

Delivery Schedule Info

  •  Same Day delivery is not available.
  •  Order before 2 pm to get delivery the next day.
  • Ordering after 2 pm next day delivery will not be available.

*Delivery/Shipping date may change depending on our processing time and availability.

Delivery Schedule Slots

Slot 19 AM – 12 PM
Slot 212 PM – 2 PM
Slot 32 PM – 4 PM
Slot 44 PM – 6 PM
Slot 56 PM – 8 PM
Slot 68 PM – 9 PM