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Aroy-D Jackfruit In Syrup, 565g

Shipping Weight : 0.6kg

¥325 ¥290 (With Tax)

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  • Product type: Canned jackfruit
  • Brand: Aroy-D
  • Country of Origin: Thailand
  • Net Weight: 565g
  • Ingredients: Water, sugar, citric acid, and jackfruit 
In Stock
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  • Peeled and ready-to-eat jackfruits doused in syrup 
  • Added as a topping on shaved ice 
  • Canned after harvesting fresh 
  • Imported from the tropical fields of Thailand 
  • Sweet and delicious canned fruit 
  • Air sealing containers for enhanced freshness 
  • A unique taste of jackfruit entices tastebuds 
  • High source of vitamins, proteins, and calcium  
  • Has antioxidant properties, known to regulate blood pressure 
  • The presence of Vitamin C reduces skin problems 
  • Can cure ulcers, diabetes, and constipation

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Weight 0.6 kg


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