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Khyber rice kaalar 5kg (バスマティライス 5kg 袋 長粒米)【Free Shipping】

Shipping Weight : 5kg Dry Shipping Free Shipping

¥2,820 (With Tax)

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  • Ingredient Name: Basmati rice Contents: 5kg (1 bag)
  • Expiration date: Described on the product
  • Country of origin: Pakistan
In Stock
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  • One of the world’s three largest grains along with corn and wheat. Sticky rice like Japan is called Japanese rice. This is vertically long and less sticky rice, which is called indica rice, and this type is the mainstream in the world. The main production areas are India and Pakistan. The ones produced at the foot of the Himalayas in North India are considered to be of the highest quality, with the so-called Super Basmati cultivated in the Dehradun region being the best. Long grain seeds are fragile, so don’t use too much force when washing. Like Japanese rice, it can be “cooked”, but it uses a “boiled” cooking method like pasta. An elongated type of rice cultivated in the subtropics. It is so called “Queen of Fragrances” that it has a good scent that stimulates your appetite, and it is delicious when boiled rather than cooked. Due to its crunchy texture, it is often eaten as biryani. Excellent compatibility with curry. It is also recommended to cook it with spices.

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Weight 5 kg


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