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Date Crown (Khenaizi), 250G

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¥370 (With Tax)

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  • Product Type: Khenaizi Khajoor (Dates) 
  • Brand: Date Crown 
  • Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Net Weight: 250g
  • Ingredients: Soft, medium-sized, and mildly sweet dark-brown dates
Out of stock


  • Naturally grown non-GMO dates (Khejur)
  • Cultivated from authentic palm trees in the UAE 
  • Known for providing a balanced sweetness 
  • Fleshier, firmer, and unique in texture 
  • Rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, iron, minerals, calcium, and folate 
  • Enriched with antioxidants and high fiber 
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory agent by boosting immunity 
  • Packaging inspired by Arabic heritage showcasing the culture 
  • Infused with the wholesome flavors of Arab

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Weight 0.25 kg


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