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Basmati Sella Rice 5kg (Kaalar)- 5 pack/25kg (Combo Offer)カーラ バスマティサドルライス

Shipping Weight : 25kg Dry Shipping

¥12,500 ¥9,999 (With Tax)

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  • Product Type: Rice
  • Country Of Origin: Pakistan
  • Brand: Kaalar
  • Net Weight: 25kg (5kg each)
  • Ingredients: Basmati Rice
In Stock
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  • Best for biryani, Arabic or Afghani pulao, dill rice
  • Extra-long grains with the finest aroma and delicious taste
  • Fragrant smell is observed during cooking
  • Hygienically processed and packed in a modern production facility
  • Contains extensive fibre content and a low glycemic index
  • Helps to lower blood cholesterol levels
  • Maintains the functionality of the heart and lowers the risk of diabetes

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Weight 25 kg


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