Buy Dry Beans Online in Bulk    

Stock up your kitchen today with 100% natural whole raw bean, lentils, and Daal from Shinjuku Halal food. We offer over 25 varieties of dried beans, daals in small to large sizes, mix, whole, and more. Buy our dried beans online in small and bulk to save! Home delivery with same-day shipping available.

Beans, Daals are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and a powerful raw protein substitute too.

At Shinjuku Grocery, our organic beans collection ranges from Masoor Daal, Green Moong, Chana, Black Urad Spit, Brown Lentil Beans, Urad Dal Powder, Peanut, Mix Beans, Green Peas, Chitra Rajma and Black Turtle beans to Nigerian Brown Beans. The shelf life of our bean products for sale is long enough and can be stored for up to 1 year keeping in a cool, dry area. Shop best-dried beans online today from us and enjoy great deals in bulk buying with fast shipping.

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