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The Best Rice You Can Buy At Shinjuku Halal Food

With a huge variety of rice ranging from white and brown to sticky and non-glutinous being available in the market, it’s common to face some difficulties and confusion while choosing the best rice brand and variety as per your taste and requirement. So, to help you select the best-quality rice that would get along with your taste and cooking occasion, we have listed below the multiple types of rice from the most reputed brands that you can buy from Shinjuku Halal Food.

1. Devaya Basmati

Devaya Basmati rice is known for its unique aroma and long grains. The non-stick rice is soft and has a fluffy nature, making it a bowl of ideal go-to rice for everyday cooking. Moreover, its natural taste makes it one of the healthiest white rice brands in the world.

Uses: You can cook the pearl-white aromatic rice on any occasion. Let it be your everyday cooking or any special event or festival; the rice gets along with any protein ranging from chicken to lentils.

2. India Gate Basmati Rice

The India Gate Basmati Rice is aged for two years, making it the finest Basmati. The extra-long grains of rice having a spell-bounding aroma give the white rice a natural yet distinct taste. Also, the absence of any artificial color makes it quite nourishing.

Uses: The aromatic rice can be used to cook plain rice, Biryani, and any other rice dish. Its aroma is strong enough to elevate the flavor of the rice and the side dishes.

3. Jasmine Rice

Also known as Thai Fragrant rice, the Jasmine rice is transparent, long-grain rice grown in Thailand. When cooked with perfection, the rice grains become white, plump, and sticky. It’s best served in a bowl and eaten with a spoon or chopsticks.

Uses: You can make the best egg fried and Kimchi fried rice with the help of Jasmine rice. Also, the Thai fragrant rice goes amazingly with broth, scallions, and other seafood.

4. Thai Sticky Rice

Often confused with Jasmine rice, Thai Sticky is glutinous rice and is consumed after steaming. Once you’ve steamed the rice perfectly, you’ll notice its grains becoming more transparent, sticky; hence, developing a gummy flavor.

Uses: The steamed Sticky rice is a staple food for the people in Northern Thailand. The sweet-flavored rice is best served with spicy sauces, soups, and dressings.

5. Maharani Basmati Sella Rice

Another type of Basmati rice, the Maharani Sella rice, is parboiled, meaning that you can’t overcook it. Being parboiled rice, it’s also known as ‘forgiving rice’ and is loaded with nutrients.

Uses: The Maharani Sella Rice is very easy to cook. Since it’s full of nutrients, you can use it to make delicious, traditional Biryani or any side dish topped with ghee.

6. Red Raw Rice

Unlike the usual white and brown rice, the Red Saw rice from Sri Lanka gets its red color from Anthocyanins. The rice is partially or not hulled, has a nutty flavor, and is rich in iron, fiber, phosphorus, and vitamins.

Uses: Although the Red Raw rice takes a long time, almost 40 minutes to cook perfectly, it’s ten times more nutritional than brown rice. Therefore, it’s the best alternative to brown rice.

7. Kalijeera Rice

The Kalijeera rice is also known as the ‘Prince of Rice.’ It’s irreplaceable aromatic rice grown in Bangladesh having a nutty flavor. You can cook the Kalijeera rice within ten minutes due to its delicate texture and small-sized grains.

Uses: The Kalijeera rice is traditionally cooked on special occasions and religious ceremonies. However, you can cook the steamed rice as a part of your everyday routine as there are no such restrictions.

8. Kaalar Basmati Rice

Rich in Vitamins B1, B6, carbohydrates, and fiber, the Kaalar Basmati rice is an essential part of Middle-Eastern cuisine. The rice has long grains with an aroma and flavor similar to a perfume.

Uses: If you wish to follow a plant-based diet, you can check out the Kaalar Basmati rice as it also contains proteins, making it full of nutrients.

9. Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown Rice

Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown Rice is completely made up of whole grains and is low in fat, making it a great healthy alternative. The rice grains are light-brown and have a slightly nutty flavor.

Uses: You can cook Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown Rice instantly by simply microwaving it. Once cooked, you can have it alongside any curry, sauce, or another side dish.

10. Lal Quilla Sona Masoori Rice

The Sona Masoori rice is a staple food for the people living in Southern India. The white aromatic rice is light in weight and raw texture and is ready to cook within 15 minutes.

Uses: The Lal Quilla Sona Masoori rice is best suited for cooking Biryani, fried rice, or sweet Pongal. You can also incorporate rice as a part of your regular diet.

11. Keeri Samba Rice (Sri Lanka)

The grains of the Kerri Samba rice are quite small and smooth, allowing it to take less time to cook. The gluten-free rice is grown in Sri Lanka, has a unique taste and aroma, and doesn’t get sticky after cooking.

Uses: Being non-sticky rice, you can cook some amazing rice dishes such as Biryani and Fried rice by using the Kerri Samba rice. The fluffy and separate grains of the rice would elevate the look and the flavor of the dish.

12. Beliatta Lanka American Rice

The American rice by the Beliatta Lanka company constitutes white, long grains. The rice doesn’t get sticky if you cook it carefully. However, since white rice undergoes multiple processing stages, it might lack the desired nutritional values.

Uses: You can cook the Beliatta Lanka America in multiple ways ranging from everyday rice to special dishes such as Biryani. You can also use this rice to make some delicious desserts and rice puddings.

At Shinjuku Halal Food, you can find the best quality rice from all over the world at an affordable price. The different types of rice are full of flavor and have several health benefits, making it a great addition to your regular diet.



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